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National Guard Wants to Improve Stryker Units

According to the Army National Guard Training Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators (TADSS) instructors, most Stryker units were not passing gunnery due to the National Guard’s limited training time and insufficient training devices. In 2013, OT Training Solutions delivered 36 Stryker Remote Weapon Station Trainers to the PA National Guard. Once fielded, all of the Stryker units that used the table top trainer passed gunnery the first time and scores improved dramatically.

In 2015, OTTS was awarded the contract to deliver 72 Stryker Crew Trainers throughout the United States to various Stryker units. A Crew Trainer includes the driver station and Instructor/Operator options. With the trainer, crews have the ability to train crew coordination in combat conditions. The high-fidelity driver station, coupled with an instructor who conducts the training, allows crews to enhance their skills and become better prepared prior to live fire training. The training matrix and scoring were developed using TC 3-20.31, the Crew Qualification Gunnery Manual. Having a dedicated Instructor permits the crew to review their Table V and VI scores, inject unexpected malfunctions, and playback a scenario to review any areas where feedback is crucial.

U.S. Army Deems Trainer A Success

While working with the U.S. Army National Guard, OTTS kept the active component aware of our Stryker training abilities, and in 2019 at the Stryker Symposium held in Camp Murray, Washington, we were invited to demonstrate the trainer’s ability to be adapted to Platoon/Section training, and to upgrade to the improved Dragoon 30mm weapon.

We promptly made the requested changes to the trainer and headed 3,200 miles northwest to Washington where the trainer was well received. In addition, six months later at the request of the U. S. Army, OTTS sent the Stryker Crew Trainer – in a mobile trailer – back to Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) where the trainer was used and evaluated to train crews at the range prior to live-fire gunnery. The Army deemed the trainer a success as every unit that used the trainer passed gunnery on their first attempt.

The U.S. Army is now actively looking to purchase the Stryker Crew Trainer for JBLM.

Focused Goals

  • Train Soldiers on the M2 .50 caliber weapon to XX% proficiency
  • Train Soldiers on MK 19 to  XX% proficiency
  • Capture training events and provide scoring results for after action review
  • Provide Stryker driver training

A Solution That Works

Working with National Guard and Stryker subject matter experts (SMEs), OT Training Solutions identified the specific needs and requirements for its training system with the goal of Soldier proficiency at the forefront.

OT Training Solutions built a stand-alone, virtual, software-based, tabletop trainer to train gunnery experts and commanders on the Stryker Remote Weapon Station. In the next phase, the team built a driver trainer and networked it with the gunner station. Its high-fidelity features include full-function crew station (FFCS), force feedback steering, and the Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE).

OT Training Solutions offered an effective and efficient trainer focused on software development while working with a partner to manufacture components. This resulted in a low-cost and highly effective solution. By integrating commercial-off-the-shelf products when possible, the team concentrated on building the gaming station with networked components for a comprehensive solution.

Results Are Dramatic

PA National Guard Stryker units that used the tabletop trainer passed gunnery the first time and scores improved dramatically.

Every unit that used the trainer at Joint Base Lewis McChord passed gunnery on their first attempt.

Fulfilling Critical Needs
through Partnership

Partnering is a strong suit for OT Training Solutions. From the beginning, our founders developed a company built upon the values and tradition of teamwork — the kind they relied on during their active-duty military service. Finding the right partner allowed OT Training Solutions to fulfill critical training needs for National Guard Soldiers in a rapid and efficient manner.

Our teamwork-oriented philosophy is evident as we assembled our own SMEs and former military service members to execute the contract flawlessly. One of our strengths in serving the military is our ability to bring in experts who understand the functionality and equipment requirements, as well as the bigger picture of how military units work together to achieve mission success.

Our experts know the first step to success is to build a great team that has the right experience and skills to understand the problem and training requirements. By listening to our customer and the boots on the ground while understanding the issues facing military units, the OTTS team develops effective solutions.

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