Delivering Global Training & Education Solutions

Our company was founded in 2008 with the primary goal of providing global training solutions and education services to the military and international organizations. We have conducted numerous training and education programs in all regions of Afghanistan covering a myriad of courses and populations, from the elite Commando military units to females studying vocational topics.

OT Training Solutions was awarded a large U.S. Department of Defense contract to design and implement a literacy training program for the Afghan National Defense & Security Forces. We hired a staff of experienced U.S. educators and administrators with extensive military backgrounds and complemented them with an all-Afghan instructional staff of over 1,000 teachers. Our curriculum was selected by the U.S. government to serve as the model literacy program of instruction for the country and continues to be used today.

The program received high accolades from the American leadership, international community, and the Afghanistan government. During our years conducting the program, we trained soldiers and members of the national police to read, write, and perform basic math.

We also led programs in which we hired and provided local national trainers and subject matter experts in the fields of civil engineering, English language training, advanced education subjects such as algebra, economics, and accounting, and vocational topics such as logistical operations, computer skills, and office management, and Literacy Education Train-the-Trainer. In keeping with the desire to make Afghanistan a self-sustaining country, we utilized American program managers and an all-Afghan staff to implement the programs. Our managers consistently trained the future Afghan program managers to sustain these programs.

We continue to make a positive impact
around the world and in our community.

The Positive Impact of Global Programs

We are very proud to have led a literacy program that provided over 300,000 members of the security forces to achieve literacy. This not only helped them perform their military duties more effectively, it carried over to their families and promoted literacy and lifelong learning for generations to come. We routinely received success stories from soldiers about how this training shaped their lives and the lives of their families.

Our English language training program to Afghan aviators made it possible for them to complete pilot training and interact with members of the Coalition Forces, adding to the ability to have a sustainable Air Force. As part of a Train-the-Trainer program, OTTS trained over 30 Afghan military junior officers to become literacy teachers within their combat units, allowing the soldiers to continue their education while serving.

In a country where females do not have equal access to education and career opportunities, our gender training program helped women achieve literacy and learn office management and computer skills. This training helped Afghan women compete for office positions and advance their careers. This program was highly successful and was noted as being one of the most important advancement programs in Afghanistan.

Our 274 logistical specialists serve as trainers at the military unit-level and provide daily hands-on instruction in all aspects of logistics. This program was noted as being critical to the needs of the security forces in ensuring the supply and logistic functions are met to support national security.