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The Stryker Crew Trainer offers add-on accessories that interface directly to expand its training capability: the Driver Station and Instructor Operator Station.

The Driver Station features high fidelity components including periscopes, DVE, instrumentation, switches, FFCS, and a force feedback steering system coupled with a high resolution visual system. Using the IOS, instructors can monitor training sessions, review training records, and print records directly using the on-board printer.

The crew trainer setup allows for the development of section, platoon, and maneuver training scenarios, maximizing training value in a cost-effective and compact setup. OTTS delivered 72 new Driver Station and Instructor Operator Station add-on accessories as part of this contract.

Key Features

  • Two selectable weapon platforms: M2 .50 caliber or the MK19 40mm grenade launcher

  • Crew Coordination and Standalone User Training

  • Boresight and Zero training exercises

  • 60 training exercises across 3 visual terrain databases (Urban, Desert, and Woodland)

  • Simulated adverse visibility conditions

  • Small footprint and Quick Set Up Time

  • Utilizes Standard 120VAC power

  • Easily transportable Pelican case

  • Portable crew records

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