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LTT010 GWST - Gunsmith/Weapons Specialist Trainer
This position is available December 2013 under an ongoing contract. The Gunsmith/Weapons Specialist with Night Vision Optics Trainer objectives include training on repair, service and cannibalization. Other training objectives include weapons condition codes, maintenance process flow chart, weapon maintenance repair levels and weapons maintenance flow chart IAW ANA Weapon Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Decree 4.9,12. The Trainer will implement and operate programs, practices, and procedures for developing optimal utilization of personnel. Administer programs to train all levels of personnel. Develop tests and visual aids. Coordinate class arrangements, conduct training classes, and develop criteria for evaluating effectiveness of training activities. Train the trainer and then monitor trainer progress. Responsible for regularly interacting with U.S. military personnel.
Required Hours
Work may include nights, holidays and weekends on short notice. Standard will be to conduct training 6 days per week for up to 12 hours per day while at OCONUS work site(s).
Train the CDO and AOB Companies and Direct and General Support level (Depot level) maintenance of the following specific, but not limited to, weapon systems: M4, M9, M240, M249, M203, M24 Sniper Systems, 60MM Mortars, 81 MM Mortars, 1014 Shotgun and additional weapons systems added to the Tashkil or issued to ANASOC. Trainer shall train the following tasks (partial listing) - NOTE that ANASOC personnel shall NOT be trained in night vision device repair, only operator level maintenance IAW ARMY TM 11-5855-262-10-2: Armorer duties; physical security; key control; firearm operating characteristics; understanding cycle of function, the cooling systems on weapons and the operations system design; safety awareness concepts; safety rules; weapon clearing procedures; safe use of cleaning procedures and power tools; understanding proper handling, care and proper use of tools; inventory and shop management; understanding weapon condition codes; understanding levels of maintenance IAW ANA Decree4.9; proper use of various MoD Forms IAW ANA weapon maintenance SOP; familiarization of ANA Decree 4.9; perform troubleshooting procedure IAW technical manuals; perform unit level maintenance and repair on weapon systems and NVDs. Also provide training to conduct operator level preventive maintenance and service on Night Vision Devices IAW ARMY TM 11-5855-262-10-2.
Required Qualifications
*Must possess and maintain a U.S. SECRET Security Clearance and active US passport. *Battalion level training exp. *Background in U.S. military unit armory, with min 1 year exp and/or civilian equivalent of gunsmith certification from any approved State, min 1 year exp maintaining Night Vision Optics Systems and Electronics Systems. *Served as a MOS 45B,91F or 91E or service equivalent. *Competent using Microsoft Office. *Personal computer (PC) skills. *Proficiency in interpersonal and people skills, oral and written communication skills and communicating with diverse groups, meeting deadlines and schedules. *Good organizational and project management ability and skills. *Maintaining effective working relationships, professional demeanor and attitude. *Previous experience training and advising foreign military soldiers. *Prior experience in Afghanistan is highly desirable. * PLEASE complete the online application and submit with your resume. Please also email your DD214 to hr@ottrainingsolutions.com.
Required Education