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MI - S-2 Trainers
OT Training Solutions is seeking qualified trainers to provide in-depth training, subject-matter expertise and instruction to assist the Afghan National Army (ANA) Military Intelligence (MI) enterprise in the execution of its mission in assuming full responsibility for fielding effective MI units and personnel. Trainers will provide instruction in four (4) Training Areas: Intelligence Operations and Collection Management; Intelligence Analysis and Reporting; Counterintelligence / Inside-the-Wire Threat; and Low-Level Voice Intercept (LLVI). Objective is to support and augment the work of the ANA trainers at the ITC, fielded IJC mentors and fielded NTM-A military trainers by training the ANA MI units and personnel in the field across the ANA’s six (6) Corps and Capital Division.
Required Hours
Standard will be to conduct training six (6) days per week for up to ten (10) hours per day.
*Develop a Program of Instruction (POI) and lesson plans that will reinforce this training; *Provide instruction to each of the six (6) ANA Corps and the ANA Capital Division (referred to collectively as the Corps) in the Training Areas to fielded MI units and personnel. Specifically: *Train the MI Companies (MICOs) within each Corps in the Training Areas; *Train the MI Kandaks within each Corps in the Training Areas; *Train the Brigade and Kandak S2 and Corps G2s in the Training Areas; and *Train the MI Regional Office (MIRO) and MI Provincial Office (MIPO) personnel in the Training Areas.
Required Qualifications
Must have: *Military pay grade of E5 or higher *At least 10 years’ military intelligence operations experience. *Experience can be substituted for rank. *US Army MOS equal to 18 or 35 series. *Possess and maintain an active US Government Secret clearance. *Required to submit DD214 with application/resume. *Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of military staff functions, leadership development, collection management fundamentals, analysis tools and techniques, fusion of multi-INT reporting, information, security, and the operations of an intelligence center and staff. *Experience in at least one of the following disciplines: Imagery/Terrain, Counterintelligence, Targets, Collections, Air Defense, Request(s) for Information Management, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Open-source Intelligence (OSINT), Targeting, Intelligence Analyst/ Watch Officer, Communications (Intelligence Systems and Technical Support), Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management (CCIRM), Intelligence Analysis and Production, and Project Management. *Working knowledge of military communication to include HF and internet protocol. *Practical expertise in CI and SIGINT *Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite Applications (i.e. PowerPoint, Word, Excel).
Required Education