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Since 2008 our customers have trusted us to provide them with highly competent and experienced individuals for a range of services from basic literacy instruction to advanced military leadership development and education.

As a service disabled veteran owned business, OT Training Solutions has first-hand knowledge of training and education services required by U.S. and foreign governments, both military and civilian.

We have built a team that is strong, trained and motivated, and one that is more than 90 percent comprised of veterans and retired military personnel.

Our work scope is expansive. Whether we are educating and providing literacy training, mentoring for battalion and brigade staffs, training elite infantry units in conflict zones, or supplying field technicians and instructor operators for virtual training devices, OT Training Solutions is a trusted partner.

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Our Expertise Is Second To None

Our combat training is focused on a broad range of military skills, and taught by a talented instructor base, most of whom are former U.S. Army Rangers.more details
Our experienced team of retired officers mentor deploying commanders and troops on strong leadership and preparing for interactions with a variety of audiences.more details
U.S. graduate degreed educators work with the Afghan Ministries of Education and Interior to develop and teach reading, writing and numeracy curriculum in grade levels 1-3.more details
To ensure each program is in tip-top shape from start to finish, we analyze, plan, execute, and monitor all of our programs for both technical, schedule, and financial performance.more details
We work closely with the U.S. Army to provide needed support for these training devices, like user documentation, testing, fielding activities, as well as training exercises.more details